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The BL99 Preamp by GP2 – At Work

While we are proud about what we have achieved with the BL99 in terms of technology, quality, performance and, most importantly sound, until such time that one hears the results of all the specifications and attributes they are just words and numbers.

It is when artists, producers, engineers and equipment come together as one and create the “magic” in a studio or on a sound stage that music lovers come to experience the sum of the parts.

Sister Rosa by The Neville Brothers from Yellow Moon

Living With The Law by Chris Whitley from Living With the Law

Beside You by Iggy Pop from American Caesar

All My Tears and Goodbye by Emmylou Harris from Wrecking Ball

I Never Cared For You by Willie Nelson from Teatro

Incarceration of A Flower Child by Marianne Faithfull from Vagabond Ways

Beautiful Day by U2 from All That You Can’t Leave Behind

Fruits Of My Labor by Lucinda Williams from World Without Tears

Trampled Rose by Tom Waits from Real Gone

Oiseau by Bob Lanois from Snake Road

Enden Av November by Kaizers Orchestra from Maskineri

Love And War by Neil Young from Le Noise

Daniel Lanois – The Making of Le Noise

I Believe In You by Black Dub from Black Dub

The Wailin’ Jennys ­ – The Making of the New Album